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What I Offer

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Home visits can be arranged after initial conversation along with drawings to confirm designs, dimensions and materials.

Bespoke furniture

Working closely with you, the customer to design and manufacture a bespoke piece of furniture for your home or office.


I'm currently investigating organic, sculptural shapes to create a range of lamps made by laminating layers of timbers into or over patterns to create unusual curved pieces.


I am based on the edge of the Surrey hills, working from my well equipped workshop located in the middle of 25 acres of fields and stabling. Here I design and manufacture bespoke furniture on a commission basis.

I am currently exploring more organic forms and integrating these into my range of lamps, all made from laminated timber.

Having graduated university with a design degree, I initially made models for a London based design consultancy but soon left to start on a varied career. Firstly making models for TV adverts, shows and stills photography. As my work became more engineering based I moved into film special effects, on diverse projects ranging from the Aston Martin's, Jaguars and BMWs of several Bond films, to a gun to fire tennis balls via an aircraft to drive across the Sahara, and much more. This was interspersed with periods in motorsport, making patterns, moulds and carbon fibre components for many F1, and World rally teams.

Although the majority of my projects the last 10 years or so have been timber based I still enjoy working in metal and composites and am very happy to introduce moulding and casting into projects.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any projects you think I may be able to help you with.

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